Behind the scene, but look like commercial shot.

Edited by me.
(I love the black&white version) ^^

BTS Eps 3

Cute on set.More cute behind the scene.

Nemo Couple ^^

Source: TvN
-edited by me-

I love the ending of this episode!
and thankyou so much, for make me really excited to meet FRIDAY

the reaction after take selfie, really.. #lol

Love this couple selfie!

Can feel the chemistry..
I’ll always have a cheerfull weekend because of them.. ^^

Behind the scene Kdrama  “Marrieage not Dating”

they love to do selca very much! and we love to see it too. :))

Recommend Korean Drama to cheer up your weekend. ^^

Barbie not always with long hair..

She’s Barbie with Short Hair.
More gorgeous

1-Sunglasses? Check.
2-Le sexy hair flip? Check.
3-Asking himself why is he so handsome? Check.

That's Jonghyun's airport routine.

(via cnbjonghyun)

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